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August 18, 2016



Express Style With Seamless Perfection

Enter the world of APRESI’s dream-home worthy, truly functional kitchens.
The creative mind behind these extraordinary kitchens that goes beyond convention, APRESI brings the ingenious concept of intelligent kitchens to a whole new level. Showcasing a unique and sophisticated blend of first-class quality and aesthetically pleasing appearance, each perfected and thoughtfully crafted APRESI kitchen is casted in aluminium, renowned for its exceptional durability, quality and recyclability.

APRESI, inspired and derived from the word “appreciation”, emphasises the company's dedication to constantly deliver quality product and service experience, and ultimately bring on added value to consumer's life by offering a kitchen that makes day-to-day life easier and more enjoyable.


100% Aluminium Cabinet Carcase

Aluminium’s unique combination of attractive properties which include exceptional recyclability and proven lifetime performance makes it an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets.

APRESI, with its entire aluminium cabinet carcase, has the superiority over the conventional wood kitchen, will certainly melt away all homeowners’ worries of rust, corrosion and termites.

Aluminium is also resistant to heat, chemicals and weathering under a range of harsh environmental conditions, making it extremely durable and long-lasting. Comprising non-combustible material, which is safe even in a high temperature environment, aluminium does not burn or release toxic fumes.

As the most sustainable building material in the world, aluminium is a very durable star material with a sleek, modern look and feel that complements all home styles.

A Sense Of Closeness

Kitchen As A Social Hub Of Your Home

Modern Retro Style

Merging The Best Of Both Styles

Unique And Vibrant Style

Bring Kitchens To Life Through Personality

Compact But Spacious

Transform Kitchens Into Cosy Spaces

Intelligent Perfection

Boost Kitchen Efficiency & Productivity


Kitchen Accessories

Enhancing Functional Elements Of Comfort

Solution For Easy Organisation

A smart combination of cabinets and fittings is essential in increasing the visual space of your kitchen and also to keep all necessities tucked away neatly. With APRESI’s intelligent kitchen cabinetry, it is easy to achieve maximum visual impact with best user experience as well as great functionality in your kitchen. Fitting systems from APRESI ensure high quality of motion, ample storage capacity, exceptional usability and excellent accessibility.

Magic Corner

Bring your kitchen items into full visibility along with numerous organisational opportunities.

Seasoning Drawer

Never hunt for a missing seasoning again and keep them all within grasp with this practical seasoning drawer.

Waste Sorting System

A simple and effortless approach to an easier and effective recycling. Organising waste is no longer a challenge.

Pull-out Trays

Fully extendable pull-out trays transform your tall cabinet into a smart pantry, always keeping things in sight and within reach.

High Fronted Pull-outs

Effortlessly maximise the use of your cabinet interior space to organise and store everything neatly and conveniently.

Inner Drawer

Drawers within drawers allow you to keep your cutleries and cooking utensils uncluttered.

We dedicate ourselves unceasingly to constantly deliver quality kitchen accessories, and thus APRESI’s ergonomic mechanism is guaranteed to make your everyday life easier. Resembling a sleek-looking pendant, this innovative invention is seamlessly integrated into the stay lifts in top wall cabinets, allowing for effortless and smooth closing.

Our commitment to quality is not just an empty promise, therefore we make certain that product quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. APRESI’s ergonomically planned, innovatively designed kitchens allow for thoughtful organisation of workspace, easily adaptable to define spaces based on your needs. Be it parallel lift up, stay lift, bi-fold lift or swing up, APRESI opens the door on a multitude of high quality kitchen fitting system possibilities to suit every need. A model of ergonomic excellence, APRESI cutting-edge kitchen accessories provides only the best accessibility and the greatest quality of life.

Countertop Materials

Solid Wood Countertop

A very popular choice among homeowners, solid wood countertops have the ability to give any kitchen an unparalleled warmth, offering a natural beauty that will enhance the appearance and desirability of your kitchen.

Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are engineered stone countertops which are extremely strong and durable. Besides its excellent durable characteristics, quartz offers the added benefit of being non-porous, allows effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Glass Surface

APRESI’s glass fronted cabinet door are designed to add a touch of sparkle and make a beautiful yet practical focal point in your kitchen. Available in three stunning series – Essential, Noble and Mirror, each of these series is sure to take your breath away.


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