August 18, 2016


100% Solid Wood

APRESI Solid Wood Panels are made of best natural wood. lamellas that sorted carefully are glued together, forming large blocks that feature minimized cracks while providing even wood pattern. these well-crafted solid wood panels with enduring strength making APRESI Solid Wood Panels incredibly durable and ideal for furniture application.

The benefit of incorporating solid wood into your home furnishings is even greater when it comes to making one’s dream home a reality as it is what gives a home its ultimate charm and appearance. therefore, having beautiful furnishings in a home can make a significant difference.

The grade of a solid wood panel could directly influence the value and aesthetic of the final product. To be consistent with our vision to offer high quality products, APRESI Solid Wood Panels are categorized under Class-A wood panels which feature the best surface. the general characteristics of the Class-A panels include:

  1. Knots within 5mm
  2. Natural colour difference
  3. No black knots
  4. Free of sap and core wood
  5. Minimized discoloration through oxidative reactions
Warm Up with APRESI Solid Wood Top

Introducing nature into a home, APRESI Solid Wood Kitchen Tops act as an important entity that will make a home feel welcoming. Integrate solid wood top to modern and sleek aluminium cabinet carcase, simple yet versatile.

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